Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

We recognise our corporate responsibility to manage the environmental impact of our business activities and to make a positive contribution, wherever possible. Our key areas of focus are to constantly review and prioritise the regeneration and refurbishment of existing buildings and to actively engage with all our stakeholders, suppliers, consultants and contractors to encourage a proactive approach to sustainability and encourage them to seek innovative solutions. We are committed to supporting the philanthropic facet of our business facilitated by the The Martin Charitable Trust, a charity set up by the Martin family in 1984.


The Martin Charitable Trust

As an integral part of the Martin family’s inclusive and long term ethos, The Martin Charitable Trust was established in 1984.  The remit and the objective of the Trust is to support medical, social and children’s charities and, as a reflection of the family’s long term commitment to the community of which its business is a part, it's giving is focused in and around Chelsea.

The Martin Charitable Trust has been proud to be involved with many local projects over many years.  This has included the establishment of a ground-breaking mobile education unit (in association with Rotalec, the association of local Rotary clubs) which travelled around schools in the Borough providing drug and health education for young people for a period of more than 10 years.  We have, in conjunction with the Mayor's office, supported programmes at the Violet Melchett Centre in Flood Street and at local schools including Chelsea Open Air Nursery in Glebe Place.

In 2009 we were one of the founding donors for Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity’s appeal for the new Paediatric Services Centre Wing at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. In 2011 - 2012 we were delighted to work closely with FOCUS K&C, the Mayor's Charity of the year for 2009-10, which is championing the causes of often smaller charities within the Borough, raising both awareness and funds, thereby fostering local pride and responsibility. We are also committed to supporting our staff in charitable or fundraising endeavours that they may undertake.