7th September 2020

Our MD, Richard Bourne was invited to speak with motivational speaker and global leadership advisor, Jonathan Bowman-Perks. Talking about leadership as a CEO and how to lead and inspire a team, listen via apple podcast, here or watch the conversation on youtube, here.

After graduating from the University of Reading, Richard became a commercial developer with John Laing Property in 1999 and then Kier Property. In 2005 he moved to a private family office where he led the business through the aftermath of the 2008 GFC, generating a 50% increase in portfolio value and reduction in gearing by 30% over 8 years. He is now managing director of Martin’s Properties, a privately owned property company with a prestigious multi-sector portfolio and core assets in Chelsea. He is embarking on an ambitious strategy to substantially grow the business over the next 5 years.

Richard is a team orientated leader who tries to lead through inspiration and example. He is highly driven and competitive, as evidenced by recent ultra-marathon challenges! He believes leaders have a responsibility to get the best out of people and that teams need clear goals and focus. He regularly shares with his team the vision and mission statement, allied with business KPI’s. He believes each member of the team should be able to see their individual and collective input towards business objectives.