23rd May 2019

Today we speak to Paula Ellis of Fox & Thorn, who was commissioned by Toast for their inaugural entry into Chelsea In Bloom.

Name of the installation: The World Beneath the Waves

To celebrate this year’s theme of Under the Sea, I created an ocean scene, alive with coral reefs and tiny jellyfish. Made from natural materials, including moss, air plants and shells, each piece has been individually hand wired.

Inspiration behind your creation?
A tapestry wall hanging and the metal chain, which catches the sun, resembles light on the surface of water.
The plants chosen capture the texture of coral reefs and their deep, rich hue.

Chelsea Flower show is an event that inspires and enriches all the senses. Each year I look forward to the gardens and they leave me in awe when I try to get my head around the fact each garden has only existed for a matter of days, when they feel like they have been a part of the landscape for centuries. A favourite of mine are the artisan gardens and I have a soft spot for the “welcome to Yorkshire” garden. To create a canal is just incredible. I also love how this spills out into the streets of Chelsea and all the community bring the pavements alive with beautiful floral displays. This year’s theme of “Under the Sea” seems so relevant as I know sustainability is extremely poignant in the industry with such a strong message of “no floral foam” movement. This is my first year entering Chelsea in Bloom and to play a part in this has been truly wonderful!